Lights Out

Time to say goodbye to summer, what a better way of doing so with an awesome car meet thanks JDMChicago! With over 700+  1300+ cars this was the place to be Sat night. Awesome turnout and great time with good friends. Till next year, Light Out baby!







Check out this awesome video from Jays Cinematography. A little rain to cool off the hottest car meet in Chi-town.

BTW we just finished up the photoshoot for the Kaiju… its pretty bad ass!


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Gauge The Way

Sorry for the long delay on the blog post. This post should of been posted way before the car show, but we had some trouble with incorrect hardware when the parts got shipped to us. We are always searching for the latest and greatest tech stuff for the honda ruckus and this one is no exception! As you already know the GDLK went through a rebirth this year and went from from dope bike to just crazyness!

Last year we sourced out one of the brightest LED lighting systems for the ruckus, this year we wanted to do something with gauge. A lot of the gauges out there are just too bulky/big and the ones with all the options you need and want are sized for motorcycles. So we looked high and low and this is one of the most unique and bad ass gauges you can get for a ruckus, The Motogadget Motoscope Pro. It is one of the smallest and thinnest gauge we have ever seen, it was a hit during the show and people just drooled over the touchscreen, haha.  While custom wiring is a must, it does come with an optional bus line which those Germany just over engineered to pretty much give you any options you want, from turning signal to temperature warning system.  If you’re looking for something cutting edge and just pure awesome, look into this gauge!

This was right before the show, arriving just in time for the install. Just look at those huge 4 pot brakes on the 10 x 4 dish.

(disregard the blurry wiring intern in the background)

Dual Frando MC levers in gold, to match the Jspeed grips.

Custom powdercoated Hurricane bar x R-Pro Reverse mounted plate, with the custom built bracket mount for the Motogadaget.

During the ignition the gauge will do a calibration along side a fancy startup animation.

This is what the touch screen LCD looks like when the bike is on.

Wiring guru making sure the breakout box is functioning and properly installed.

LoS will be dropping a feature on both bikes very soon,  make sure you tune back when it does. We will have more custom things to reveal!

– los out

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AnotherLevel Show

One of the premier shows for 2012 in Chicago is the AnotherLevel Show. This year it brought over 600+ cars and thousands of spectators! This was also the first time that LOS was debuting  the Kaiju bike and the revamped GDLK bike! We also brought in our buddies white out STI which picked up a lot of attention due to the smooth and clean upgrades. There was a lot of Honda Ruckus and scooters that showed up at the event and we wanted to thank everyone that showed up!

Wide body NSX



Sonny’s GDLK, with the Rat Koubou Bodykit

Ricky’s S4 Beast!

Top Speed GTR Factory always brings in a crowd

Christian’s White STI with custom painted SL

Jakab’s 240SX with a built RB26 motor, drool!

Zima models on the Kaiju

Peter’s Ruckus

Sonny’s GDLK Bike with the JDM kit! So sick!

G’s NSX!

Little B reppin LOS hehe!

LoS Garage winning 1st Place Scooter for the Kaiju and Most Unique for the GDLK!

Thanks everyone for all the support!

Breaking Bad

Its been long awaited and with multiple revisions I can finally say that the Kaiju bike has a complete exhaust system! Thanks to Kevin from Standard Function for hooking me up with one of the most unique exhaust systems. Fully modified exhaust system to mimic the R6, with a low profile and sleek look to create that GP inspired design. We used a Akrapovic GP Megaphone Ti System, which was modified to fit the Ruckus and a custom Big Bore Header to keep the right amount of back pressure on the 170cc motor. Finally, SF polished the exhaust system to give a more bling effect, but I can already see the Ti change color after a quick 5 min test run around the block.

Not only that, but we also installed a custom Fuel Tank Cover. Which use to be a Daytona SS Cover is now a black wood grain cover with Rat-Koubou gas cap. Make sure you take your shoes off before you ride the bike. LOL

btw did you guys notice the fuel pump system? hehe.

TGIF – los

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Golden Brakes

Not to long ago we brought out the first 6 pot brakes on the ruckus. Today we are introducing the biggest 4 pot front brake  system on a 10″ ruckus. Custom for the GDLK bike we custom built spacers and caliper adapters to fit the huge Frando brakes. These are massive with 34/30 piston setup which covers about 1/4 of the wheel. We are also running Frando’s racing disc rotor. Without further delay here is the massive 4pot on the 10″ wheel.

Wheel spec: 10×4 with ATR hub

Brakes: Frando HF-6 (34/30) , 200mm rotor

As you can see the clearance is tight and the rotor gets swallowed by the huge caliper.  This is going to be one hell of a huge stopping power.

Hit us up if your looking to get the biggest brake set for 10″ wheels.

– los

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