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The time has finally come where 2 things become one. After all the preparation and adjustments it was time to mount the engine where it belongs, but before the mount it was a perfect day for spraying the engine down with gloss black paint. Its finally coming together, but still feels like a long road ahead. I can’t wait to start releasing some of our new design in the coming weeks, until then check out the pics and the bonus video!!!

Prepping the motor to get painted jet black.

After three coats its finally ready.

Frame Prepped for the engine install.

ATR Fatty Engine Mount, ATR Low Stance Rear Shock.

Test wheel mounted

The video…..

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Celeste Green

Fresh off the oven this weekend is our batch of parts from powder coating. This will be the new color of the Kaiju bike, Celeste Green. which is a custom color to match the signature Bianchi bicycle color.  Here is a few snapshots of the parts that got coated!

How about a rare RK gas covers 1 of 4 in the US, JDM yo!

Not only that, but the ATR rear shock received a little make over too! Check out the new two tone look! Also depending on the lighting it shifts from a green to a blue color just by the warm or cool light, just like the bike.

Let us know what you think of the color! -LoS

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Happy Holiday!

Twas the night before Christmas, and look whats under the tree!

Awesome gift from Seansean! Check out the slick hoodie with maggie.

Close up of the Fatlace Camera Strap from NY.

How about the best lowered seat frame in the market! ATR lowered seat frame from Sonny.

Finally, installed the Bride seat cover…

I hope everyone has a wonderful safe holiday! From the LoS crew.. Happy Holiday!

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Finally getting more progress done with the Kaiju Bike. After the stage 1 was complete we moved on to setting up the rear frame for an ATRtuck setup. The plan is to keep the bike clean and simple, so hopefully this will help that category.

Here is the ATR 11 Pole Wire Harness we got from SF.

Drilling the holes was the most time consuming part due to steps we needed to take. Making sure that we didn’t over do anything or go outside the boundary.

Preview of the ATRtuck

More Drilling!

After all the holes have been drilled out it was time to modify the bung fitting for the rear frame. (Showing sparks is a must have in all build post! haha.)

Time to start welding…. LoS out!

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Maggie 7Xcc

Back in LA again and caught up with SF to check out Maggie and her new big bore setup, 70+ cc. Here is Jimmy showing off the new motor, burnout time!

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