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Running through the 6


We recently took a trip to Toronto, Canada with a few friends for vacation. Just our luck, Ruckdown & fitted lifestlye carshow was the same weekend and Mini Moto Lab was having a gathering for the upcoming show. We had to make sure to stopped by and checked out the guys from the north. These are the guys that brought you the hotlap exhaust system and that crazy concave wheels, so I cant wait what else they show off.  This is the first time visiting Mini Moto Lab and Tony was very welcoming, showing us around while we wait for some pizza. We talked about his new builds and his OG Ruckster bike, can anyone guess which Ruckster bike was his?


Here is Tony, from Mini Moto Lab moving the Grom out of the way, lol. Behind the grom are a few Mini Moto builds. Also few locals showed up showing support, check out some of the fresh new builds for the show that weekend.




DSC01497 DSC01491





The gathering didn’t disappoint at all, Jay owner of Makoa Scooters showed up with a few new bike builds also.




Here are a few other dope bikes that came out during the meet.








It was great meeting new people and old friends. Till next time!

-los out

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8000 miles away

LoS is back in Asia again. This time we had goals to check out a few shops and pick up some goodies! During my visit to Taiwan the capital of scooter city, I planned a visit to a few shops to check out whats the latest and greatest in Taiwan.

Checked out a local performance shop that was close to my work. All i have to say was drool! Its like a kid in a candy store. Everything from brakes to suspension was hanging or laying on the floor.  Check out some of the pics during the trip.

Shop #1


A little going away present!

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LoS in Translation

While most of LoS was in North America, I am spending some time in Hong Kong with some friends and family. Got a chance to hit up Macau this weekend for some food, gambling, and things with 2 and 4 wheels!

just some random scooters

everyone mostly rode yamahas or something that looked like this

as i was walking down the hills, i noticed something that looked oddly familiar…

first/only zoomer i’ve seen so far

under seat storage cover + clear tail lights

everytime i’ve been to macau i’ve seen some interesting vehicles

this mini was no exception

it’s not too hard to see…

scooters rule macau

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