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Running through the 6


We recently took a trip to Toronto, Canada with a few friends for vacation. Just our luck, Ruckdown & fitted lifestlye carshow was the same weekend and Mini Moto Lab was having a gathering for the upcoming show. We had to make sure to stopped by and checked out the guys from the north. These are the guys that brought you the hotlap exhaust system and that crazy concave wheels, so I cant wait what else they show off.  This is the first time visiting Mini Moto Lab and Tony was very welcoming, showing us around while we wait for some pizza. We talked about his new builds and his OG Ruckster bike, can anyone guess which Ruckster bike was his?


Here is Tony, from Mini Moto Lab moving the Grom out of the way, lol. Behind the grom are a few Mini Moto builds. Also few locals showed up showing support, check out some of the fresh new builds for the show that weekend.




DSC01497 DSC01491





The gathering didn’t disappoint at all, Jay owner of Makoa Scooters showed up with a few new bike builds also.




Here are a few other dope bikes that came out during the meet.








It was great meeting new people and old friends. Till next time!

-los out

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Midori Remix


It’s been a long time since we posted anything here. I think it’s time to sweep up the dust and start dropping some new lyrics.

Let’s start with a rebuild we did this summer, my buddys midori green ruckus. Previously built with questionable mods the owner wanted to rebuild it so that he can actually ride the bike day in, day out.

Everything was redone from the front wheels to the rear. Wiring issues plagued the bike previouly causing battery drain, so swapping out for a new ATR harness V4  was needed. We also installed an electric fuel pump to ensure that enough gas was being feed during wot.



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Kaiju x Honda Tuning

Its been a few months now since the magazine feature dropped so i guess we can now show some pics from the photoshoot. We haven’t really done a full detail shot for release, but here are a few from the shoot.

Check out the link for the feature article on HondaTuning Magazine 

2003-honda-ruckus-tucked-handle-bar (1)






2003-honda-ruckus-exospeed-wheels (1)


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Winter Breeze x Lyrical Friday

It sure feels like winter already here in Chicago, but that’s not going to stop us from our new projects. Here one of the next LoS project bikes. This one should be GETing a full makeover! Stay Tuned!

Danny’s 2006 Honda Ruckus

Goodbye stock GET!

Sonny breaking it down in record time.

Time to shave and off to get powdercoated!

We didn’t forget about Lyrical Friday! Hopefully this song can keep you guys wrenching and burning the midnight oil….

TGIF – los

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Clutch Win

With the Kaiju broken in we did the final upgrade before the winter in prep for the future, we wanted to do an overhaul on the transmission. So many different types of variator and clutches for the gy6 its pretty much limitless of combination. We wanted to make sure that we have enough grip even if do a Big Bore upgrade later on, so we looked into all types of clutches from the standard “racing clutch” to a more sophisticated multi-adjustable clutch system. The end result was the Koso Delta Clutch System paired with the Koso CNC racing Clutch Bell.

The Koso has adjustable weights on top of the swappable spring rates. The weights help the clutch spin engage faster and hold longer to prevent slippage after long and repetitive  engagement. Matching it with the Koso CNC Bell will help reduce rotational weight and keep the clutch cooler due to bigger ventilation.  The weight reduction is huge with 50% less weight than stock.

Now that we picked out the Clutch system, we wanted also looked into the variator kit. We picked up a Motorio  dual ramp system.  The theory goes that using different weights and different ramp angle will help increase acceleration and boost top speed at the same time with no cons (sounds too good to be true) . Will see how true this actually is and report back once we get more riding time with the new setup. As for the kit it came with 115mm variator, boss, Drive face, 3 sets of weights.

We installed 9g and 12.5g, (the stock system had a 12.75g setup after averaging  out all 6 weights)

For the clutch removal and install we used a 1-1/2″ socket to remove the clutch nut.

Take a look at the stock vs. koso

Back on the bike

We are also using the longer Gates belt 842x20x30. Time to test and tune! Will report back on the outcome of this variator kit, for my initial testing after the clutch has broken in, the bike seems to rev a lot faster now since it has less rotational mass and the acceleration from 30-50 is much quicker and very noticeable , will be doing top speed test soon now that LSD is fixed.  Stay tuned..  – LoS

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