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Midori Remix


It’s been a long time since we posted anything here. I think it’s time to sweep up the dust and start dropping some new lyrics.

Let’s start with a rebuild we did this summer, my buddys midori green ruckus. Previously built with questionable mods the owner wanted to rebuild it so that he can actually ride the bike day in, day out.

Everything was redone from the front wheels to the rear. Wiring issues plagued the bike previouly causing battery drain, so swapping out for a new ATR harness V4  was needed. We also installed an electric fuel pump to ensure that enough gas was being feed during wot.



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Speedo Endo

I hope everyone had a wonderful memorials day weekend! LOS was busy making sure all the electrical was setup and neatly tucked on the Kaiju. We hooked up the KOSO speedo gauge to give us accurate readings on a daily basis. The functions on this gauge was off the charts everything from clock to cylinder head is included. I wanted something clean and sporty looking so going to with the DB-02R was exactly what I wanted.  Also on top of that we finally received the the custom brake line length for the front caliper, so it was time to bleed the big 6 pot brakes!

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid!

Frando Levers

sneak peek!

Koso DB-02R

beast mode…

los out

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Growing up, Ive always been inspired by the movie Top Gun, I mean who isn’t? F-14 Jet fighters flying around  shooting down Migs, by Mavrick & Goose! The movie is an instant classic! So after seeing the Koso Afterburner LED, I knew right away it had a place on my bike! Unfortunately, they didn’t make this for Honda Ruckus, so this means custom work to make it fit. I was determined to make this fit. After some tinkering and adjustments the afterburners have finally been installed on a Honda Ruckus! Something different and original! This was actually one of the very first things we did last year for the Kaiju Bike.  Amazing how time flies!

This was one the test bench doing light up testing.

Maverick Supersonic will be there 30 sec flat!

Installed on the GDLK bike 2011 for testing and fitment.

Perfect fitment!

For people wondering how the turn signals looks..

fresh…. from los..

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