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LoS garage x JDM Chicago collabo

This one has been on the dl since December. JDM Chicago finally dropped the new online store with the latest soft goods and accessories. Ginash was nice enough to use one of our bikes as props during the shoot. We always want to show support to our locals and i can’t think of a better way of doing so and supporting the most known forum in Chicago.  We had an awesome time even though it was pretty chilly out. I learned a lot of things that day. For one, its not that easy to be on the other side of the glass. I gotta give it up to Julia, she really made it look super easy. Anyways, check out all the shots that Sonny took as he was photographer of the day. This our lookbook ver of the shoot. I hope you guys like!

Model: Julia Marchese, JDMOTO

Clothing: JDM Chicago Spring line

Photographers: Ethan Caldwell, Ginash Jdmc, Sonny Chan







For more awesome photos and to pick up some swag gear check out www.jdmchicago.com

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Midnight Run x IND

One of the other things we would like to feature on our blog is something other than just scooters, We would like to showcase other things that we like to do. One of the members of LoS is actually a photographer for automotive magazine. Hopefully in the future we can showcase features scooters/bikes/automotive, giving a little break to enjoy the other things in life that we all love. With that being said here is our first feature….

During my visit to IND they mentioned they would like to shoot the green E90 M3 downtown before giving delivery to the owner. Timing was a little difficult since it was only a few days, but the plan was a midnight run downtown. It was something IND wanted to do because this will be a daily driver and mixes well with the owners character.

As one of IND profile cars, this was fitted with ESS tuning blower to put down over 500+ whp, custom painted cage to stiffen up the chassis and a mean looking wing which holds down all that power to the rear BBS wheels during high speed highway runs.  Can you say Wangan Midnight?

OMP racing wheel

Sparco carbon seat

Its all in the details….

Custom GT3 Green paint

Chicago, prepare yourself this spring because this beast will be roaming the highways looking for something to snack on!


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