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Running through the 6


We recently took a trip to Toronto, Canada with a few friends for vacation. Just our luck, Ruckdown & fitted lifestlye carshow was the same weekend and Mini Moto Lab was having a gathering for the upcoming show. We had to make sure to stopped by and checked out the guys from the north. These are the guys that brought you the hotlap exhaust system and that crazy concave wheels, so I cant wait what else they show off.  This is the first time visiting Mini Moto Lab and Tony was very welcoming, showing us around while we wait for some pizza. We talked about his new builds and his OG Ruckster bike, can anyone guess which Ruckster bike was his?


Here is Tony, from Mini Moto Lab moving the Grom out of the way, lol. Behind the grom are a few Mini Moto builds. Also few locals showed up showing support, check out some of the fresh new builds for the show that weekend.




DSC01497 DSC01491





The gathering didn’t disappoint at all, Jay owner of Makoa Scooters showed up with a few new bike builds also.




Here are a few other dope bikes that came out during the meet.








It was great meeting new people and old friends. Till next time!

-los out

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Less is More

Time to dust off the winter bug and start cracking again on the custom parts and builds. Right now is about -3 F here in Chicago which is pretty damn cold, but I wanted to come back to the CVT kit i installed on the Kaiju and actually do some weight inspection to see if there are any differences between the stock parts (bin pile) and the aftermarket kit.  We actually weighted the parts while we weighted the rollers. I might  as well find out what im putting in the bike.

Stock parts


Stock Drive Face 115mm: 173g

Picture 90654675

Stock Ramps 115mm : 283g

Total stock weight: 456g

Upgraded Parts


New driveface 115mm : 141g


New Ramps 115mm: 285g

Total weight: 426g

So from the looks of it Im saving about 30g of rotational mass in the CVT alone. I didn’t get to inspect and weight the Clutch bell housing, but I know for sure there was a lot of weight reduction on the aftermarket housing since its CNC. All of the weight  reduction being done on the CVT will help the bike rev faster creating a faster acceleration.

On another note we took the bike out in 30F weather to do a little photoshoot for a euro magazine. Here is a quick teaser and wallpaper if you need one, lol.


Winter Mode – LoS out

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Breaking Bad

Its been long awaited and with multiple revisions I can finally say that the Kaiju bike has a complete exhaust system! Thanks to Kevin from Standard Function for hooking me up with one of the most unique exhaust systems. Fully modified exhaust system to mimic the R6, with a low profile and sleek look to create that GP inspired design. We used a Akrapovic GP Megaphone Ti System, which was modified to fit the Ruckus and a custom Big Bore Header to keep the right amount of back pressure on the 170cc motor. Finally, SF polished the exhaust system to give a more bling effect, but I can already see the Ti change color after a quick 5 min test run around the block.

Not only that, but we also installed a custom Fuel Tank Cover. Which use to be a Daytona SS Cover is now a black wood grain cover with Rat-Koubou gas cap. Make sure you take your shoes off before you ride the bike. LOL

btw did you guys notice the fuel pump system? hehe.

TGIF – los

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