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Midnight Run x IND

One of the other things we would like to feature on our blog is something other than just scooters, We would like to showcase other things that we like to do. One of the members of LoS is actually a photographer for automotive magazine. Hopefully in the future we can showcase features scooters/bikes/automotive, giving a little break to enjoy the other things in life that we all love. With that being said here is our first feature….

During my visit to IND they mentioned they would like to shoot the green E90 M3 downtown before giving delivery to the owner. Timing was a little difficult since it was only a few days, but the plan was a midnight run downtown. It was something IND wanted to do because this will be a daily driver and mixes well with the owners character.

As one of IND profile cars, this was fitted with ESS tuning blower to put down over 500+ whp, custom painted cage to stiffen up the chassis and a mean looking wing which holds down all that power to the rear BBS wheels during high speed highway runs.  Can you say Wangan Midnight?

OMP racing wheel

Sparco carbon seat

Its all in the details….

Custom GT3 Green paint

Chicago, prepare yourself this spring because this beast will be roaming the highways looking for something to snack on!


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Black Friday

As much as I wanted to sleep in today, I’m glad I didn’t. I had already hit up Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, and Frys from Thursday night till Friday morning… words could not explain how tired I felt. (not to mention just getting back from Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan on Wednesday)

As expected, my short nap turned into more of a long nap. I didn’t wake up in time to meet up with everyone at the Wrigley Field McDonald’s but lucky for me they came down to chinatown.

close ups – any time a group of ruckus come together a crowd is sure to form

gdlk rocking a GY6 header with oxygen sensor & air fuel ratio gauge

rolling DEEP all the way to Niles, IL

Great way to spend Black Friday afternoon… other than sleeping.


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5 GET & 1 GY6



Just got back from a long 2+ hour ride. I met up with five GET ruckuses at the BP on clark and north avenue. Then we rode like 20 miles up to the swanky high class neighborhood of Winnetka. We hit some nice little twists and turns. Pretty scenic with the leaves scattered across the ground and the wind blowing everything around. This might have been the last ride of the year. Glad the SF2 bike aka GDLK made it thru the ride just fine!

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