Here is another first one in the USA. This one was custom built for one of our customer, that lucky basterd! This here is the first ever dual stage damper & rebound rear shock from RRGS to fit a Honda Ruckus. Custom built with a Titanium color shaft for the baller detail. Push the envelope to be original!

Check out the dust cover. Like a high end luxury purse your gf has.

Check out the adjustable rebound knob on the external oil tank.

Uncover the dust bag you get this glorious looking suspension. The lower shaft has the damper adjustment.

Finally, check out the details.. I’m in love!

Again los garage is bringing the latest and greatest things to USofA!

4 thoughts on “Shafted

  1. JRusso says:

    Nice shock, you should check out my build page on TR.

  2. JRusso says:

    To my understanding there are only a few of these made. I was rocking this at Super Sunday, it’s a really nice setup and yes you’re customer is a lucky bastard. 😛

  3. Justin says:

    where can i find one?!

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