Midori Remix


It’s been a long time since we posted anything here. I think it’s time to sweep up the dust and start dropping some new lyrics.

Let’s start with a rebuild we did this summer, my buddys midori green ruckus. Previously built with questionable mods the owner wanted to rebuild it so that he can actually ride the bike day in, day out.

Everything was redone from the front wheels to the rear. Wiring issues plagued the bike previouly causing battery drain, so swapping out for a new ATR harness V4  was needed. We also installed an electric fuel pump to ensure that enough gas was being feed during wot.



Brake system has been redone, nothing matched up. Rotor was rubbing the caliper mount, shaved bleeder which is unserviceable, and rotors all messed up. Swapped out old rotor for more functional ATR rotor, installed Brembo brake components after rebuilding the calipers and centering the wheel so that it doesn’t rub.




Moving to the rear he used a whole new rear frame and and gy6 mount. From a weld on mount to Rucksters OG flow mount, the engine is set back perfectly without over stretching the bike. Giving the bike the aggressive look it needs without compromising saftey.


Finally, the bike is painted in a midori green honda civic color and a contrasting volk mag blue powdercoat wheels. I love how the bike came along smoothly with an OG feel. Last it needs is a new exhaust system…. Till then this one is enough to get the bike rolling around.

Enjoy the ride!



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