Kickin’ it With My Homies

Where do i even start? I finally took the time this year to hit my homies in the west. Sonny and I flew over to LA to visit our friends Kevin & Ming from Standard Functions. Not only that, but we also met a few other interesting people during the vacation that made the whole 3 day visit pretty epic.

We started off in Little Tokyo and had Jessica contact the owner from bowls to tell him that two Chi-town homies are swinging by for the first time! We got a nice warm welcome from Ryan, one the owner of unique boutique.

Freddy introducing himself.
 One of the Honda Ruckus that they had in the store.
 The parts counter
 “One time in band camp”
 Picked up a Proverse Hat and Bowls x Tokyo Parts Shirt…. Thanks
 Off to meet up with Kevin and Ming @ Standard Function. Finally, they put up a sign.
Everyone that I know with a name Ming drives a VIP car. Or was that Michael?
 Sonny found a new toy @ SF and he wanted to test it out!
I need to make sure hes telling the truth..
Some photo work during my visit.
Afterwards we headed out for some Korean BBQ. Ming showing off his cooking skills. I’m so full i wasn’t even hungry the next morning!
 Then following day we met up with Yogi which is also the manager for the Illest LA store. Great guy and hes also an amazing photographer too. The night before he took us to all the shooting locations downtown LA, sorry no pics they are all secret location, haha.
We all showed up getting ready to load all the bike into the trucks and head out to “The Chronicles” Honda meet. Sonny checking out Maggie, Thats Yogi by his dope truck and his homie Mike. Caught Kevin doing some labor intensive work.

At the Car Show. Ive never seen so many good looking honda’s in my life..

 Miss Holly Lee keeping it cool during this 85+ degree weather.  Holly Lee’s FB Fan Page
 Auto Fashion’s HKS Honda Ruckus.
After bouncing from the show Yogi and Sonny wanted to check out Ming’s personal ruckus, aka Maggie. Can you see the huge smile on Yogi’s face? 😀
Now its Sonny’s turn! 10×10 rear… dayum!
I told you we had a great week! Nothing short of spectacular in my books. I’d like to thank everyone for showing us a good time! Kevin, Ming, Yogi, Jessica, Sherry, All of the SF crew, Bowls LA, and Fatlace for taking care of us during our visit. Will make sure to return the favor when you guys visit Chi-town! Time to board and head back home….

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