GDLK v2013

The weather has been finally warming up here in Chicago and that means LoS Garage is getting ready for the 2013 riding season.

GDLK has been sitting around just waiting for us to upgrade her. So this Sunday, we started on the GDLK version 2013 update! 

Let the tear down begin!

collecting dust

ready or not… no turning back!

Since we are STILL waiting for wheels to be finished for this season, LoS decided to change things up a bit.

a gaping hole where the carb used to be

it fits!

GDLK will be rocking that EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) this year which means no carburetor, no jetting, just riding (in theory).

going retro with the REAR facing throttle body

 our #1 Fan, Mike Fan… stopping by to help out

Mr. VIP – Ming (Fizz Autosports) keeping it classy

reading up on the EFI install

so many wires

shutting it down

We had to stop a little earlier than we had hoped that night due to an issue with the throttle cable not returning to neutral/idle position. In the end, it turns out, all we needed was a little WD40!

Stay tuned for some more updates as we complete the EFI and have GDLK all up and running!

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