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A little throw back in the blog this week. During the design sketches of the Kaiju build, we drew up a lot of custom setups. Mostly for R&D and hopefully production when the time comes. One of the really early custom design is our collaboration with ATR.  As you know the ATR fatty kit uses a rear disc brake hub, which is an excellent hub and is built to last! Now the rear caliper on the other hand while its good enough for a stock 150cc, we really wanted more stopping power.  So after a few CAD designs and measurement, the motor was ready to be modified to accept the bigger 4 pot Frando Caliper.  We have never actually seen a Radial 4 Pot mounted on a GY6 casing before so this should be pretty interesting.

Time to get working….

This Caliper has 4 x 25mm pistons which is also a radial mounted caliper.

Preview of the Motor + 4Pot together. During this time we took all the measurement and alignment from the test fit into CAD. This way we can create a custom caliper mount that will hold the caliper in a radial angle. Even though the radial angle is only for the  front to prevent brake locking up and flipping the bike over, this should help keep the rear planted on the ground.

Now comes the fun part, making the custom caliper mount for the caliper.  After getting the correct material it was time to get built. Here is the outcome of the caliper mount.

Finally, we mounted the wheel to make sure that the fitment and spacing is 100%.  The mount will be tested and ran through its paces and if we feel that its good enough for production will start building them on a limited run scenario.  What do you guys think, good fitment?

– LoS

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