First Class Fitment 2013

LoS Garage took a little road trip last weekend from Chicago to New Jersey for Canibeat’s First Class Fitment show. We drove the LoS support vehicle, an AirRex bagged Honda Fit. From day one, I wanted the Fit to be able to trailer our scooters. So with a hitch installed and a trailer securely attached, GDLK and Kaiju were strapped down and ready to make this 800 mile journey to the east.

DSC00813Honda All Day Everyday

DSC00815GDLK and Kaiju holding on for dear life

From Chicago, we passed thru Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania before arriving at New Jersey. Driving a Fit with a trailer was an “interesting” experience. Especially uphill, we had to use sport mode and switch to 4th gear many times and on one incline 3rd gear. I never knew things were so hilly over here… or maybe the Fit just needs some more power. In any case… even while towing an extra 900lbs (trailer + bikes) the car (with 3 guys inside) got 20+ MPG! Not too shabby…

DSC00817All lined up at the show. Posted up with Ruck House, the sponsor for this years Honda ruckus class. 

DSC00821If there was best paint for ruckus – this guy would win it

DSC00827This was one of the bikes that Ruck House brought to show case! Check out the rare Tokyo Parts Tri Headlight setup. Not to mention the copper plated concave wheels which they released recently. 

DSC00830This was the only other Ruckus with dual disc brake setup! Props man for being different! 

DSC00831Makoa’s 2T Ruckus – can survive the horrible NYC streets

DSC00832This was a unique Ratkobu cover. The graphic was hand drawn on the gas tank and matching CVT cover! Pure awesomess 

DSC00845XL Gas Tank could probably last a ride to Chicago!

DSC00844Copper Concave goodness!!

DSC00834Always liked the way this Tokyo Parts headlight looked

DSC00849Check out the mesh battery box on Makoa’s 2T monster! 

2013-10-19 15.17.44What is a show without some models – Yelinice & Ashley Rose 

2013-10-19 15.18.36Seating for two

2013-10-19 15.30.54The Kaiju twin, Ricky Soda’s Teal Ruckus posing mean next to the helicopter, gives me the urge to play GTA V for some reason, lol. 

DSC00867Clean black ruckus with matching 5 spoke wheels

DSC00865This was an interesting swap, a J-series in a EG… I’ll just let that settle in.  

DSC00862Our homie Brian Chin showing us how to skid in his fixe bike. 

DSC00860Living that low wagon lifestyle

DSC00854Ricky Soda supporting those breasts

DSC00852This was the first trip that LOS garage did outside of IL. Im glad that people liked our builds and appreciated the time and effort that we put in all of our bikes. Wait till next year we got more goodies to showcase! 

DSC00851Coast to coast reppin SF

DSC00841Sonny chatting it up with Jay – owner of Makoa Scooter

DSC00859Sean from S3 Magazine checking out GDLK for an upcoming feature. Sonny showing him the detail it takes to win Best Ruckus. 

DSC00846Literally don’t hurt yourself looking at this thing – Breaking necks in NJ!

2013-10-19 17.58.09Best Ruckus Trophy by Ruck House x Canibeat 

2013-10-19 17.54.12The winning team! Congrats to all the winners at this years First Class Fitment Show 2013

2013-10-19 17.56.47Sonny (repping his satchel game) looking happy with that winning pose

2013-10-19 11.33.58Starting them young

2013-10-19 14.32.47This jacket is probably older than some of these kids at the show! – Kenny Reppin FIZZ Autosports NY 

2013-10-19 10.37.34Mark’s super wicked 3rd Gen Lexus GS. Where do i begin, this car is full of awesome! 

DSC00870Black on Gold Mugen Fit – GDLK’s long lost brother

And that wraps up last weekend at FCF 2013. There were a ton of nice cars and bikes and we could not possibly capture everything! Nothing beats going to a show and supporting your city/crew. Meeting new people and putting faces to online personas. Support the scene. Peace out.

“I’m a Chicagoan till Chicago ends.”

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