Engine Start

Past weekend was the my deadline to start up the bike and test the custom fuel system that we mocked up with the custom carb. I was pretty stoked that it started on the first try without any issues or hiccups.  Now to just wire up the Koso Gauge and clean up some lines and its should be ready for the unveiling downtown.

Mocked up a BTX exhaust to just run the bike, custom one is coming soon from Standard Function.

Detail Look at the Frando Radial Levers.

RRGS Oil Cooler

Bride Seat finally mounted

Afterburners test light up.

90%  Done….. – los

2 thoughts on “Engine Start

  1. Phill says:

    does the buddy seat still open up with the afterburners mounted like that?
    Mega clean builts, one of my faves

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