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LoS garage x JDM Chicago collabo

This one has been on the dl since December. JDM Chicago finally dropped the new online store with the latest soft goods and accessories. Ginash was nice enough to use one of our bikes as props during the shoot. We always want to show support to our locals and i can’t think of a better way of doing so and supporting the most known forum in Chicago.  We had an awesome time even though it was pretty chilly out. I learned a lot of things that day. For one, its not that easy to be on the other side of the glass. I gotta give it up to Julia, she really made it look super easy. Anyways, check out all the shots that Sonny took as he was photographer of the day. This our lookbook ver of the shoot. I hope you guys like!

Model: Julia Marchese, JDMOTO

Clothing: JDM Chicago Spring line

Photographers: Ethan Caldwell, Ginash Jdmc, Sonny Chan







For more awesome photos and to pick up some swag gear check out

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8000 miles away

LoS is back in Asia again. This time we had goals to check out a few shops and pick up some goodies! During my visit to Taiwan the capital of scooter city, I planned a visit to a few shops to check out whats the latest and greatest in Taiwan.

Checked out a local performance shop that was close to my work. All i have to say was drool! Its like a kid in a candy store. Everything from brakes to suspension was hanging or laying on the floor.  Check out some of the pics during the trip.

Shop #1


A little going away present!

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Four Frando

A little throw back in the blog this week. During the design sketches of the Kaiju build, we drew up a lot of custom setups. Mostly for R&D and hopefully production when the time comes. One of the really early custom design is our collaboration with ATR.  As you know the ATR fatty kit uses a rear disc brake hub, which is an excellent hub and is built to last! Now the rear caliper on the other hand while its good enough for a stock 150cc, we really wanted more stopping power.  So after a few CAD designs and measurement, the motor was ready to be modified to accept the bigger 4 pot Frando Caliper.  We have never actually seen a Radial 4 Pot mounted on a GY6 casing before so this should be pretty interesting.

Time to get working….

This Caliper has 4 x 25mm pistons which is also a radial mounted caliper.

Preview of the Motor + 4Pot together. During this time we took all the measurement and alignment from the test fit into CAD. This way we can create a custom caliper mount that will hold the caliper in a radial angle. Even though the radial angle is only for the  front to prevent brake locking up and flipping the bike over, this should help keep the rear planted on the ground.

Now comes the fun part, making the custom caliper mount for the caliper.  After getting the correct material it was time to get built. Here is the outcome of the caliper mount.

Finally, we mounted the wheel to make sure that the fitment and spacing is 100%.  The mount will be tested and ran through its paces and if we feel that its good enough for production will start building them on a limited run scenario.  What do you guys think, good fitment?

– LoS

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Black Friday

As much as I wanted to sleep in today, I’m glad I didn’t. I had already hit up Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, and Frys from Thursday night till Friday morning… words could not explain how tired I felt. (not to mention just getting back from Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan on Wednesday)

As expected, my short nap turned into more of a long nap. I didn’t wake up in time to meet up with everyone at the Wrigley Field McDonald’s but lucky for me they came down to chinatown.

close ups – any time a group of ruckus come together a crowd is sure to form

gdlk rocking a GY6 header with oxygen sensor & air fuel ratio gauge

rolling DEEP all the way to Niles, IL

Great way to spend Black Friday afternoon… other than sleeping.


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LoS in Translation

While most of LoS was in North America, I am spending some time in Hong Kong with some friends and family. Got a chance to hit up Macau this weekend for some food, gambling, and things with 2 and 4 wheels!

just some random scooters

everyone mostly rode yamahas or something that looked like this

as i was walking down the hills, i noticed something that looked oddly familiar…

first/only zoomer i’ve seen so far

under seat storage cover + clear tail lights

everytime i’ve been to macau i’ve seen some interesting vehicles

this mini was no exception

it’s not too hard to see…

scooters rule macau

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