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Lyrical Friday + Bonus!

Something for your visual pleasure! Click on the photo for wallpaper size eyegasm.


TGIF everyone!

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Being GDLK

So after what has felt like an eternity, LOS Garage, got some updated parts for GDLK. We decided to continue with the black and gold theme and have some parts 24K gold plated. It’s taken a long (understatement) time to get everything done and back to LOS. Within that timeframe we were able to install an EFI system on to the bike.

Since its Friday and we here at LOS Garage like to drop some music and lyrics for Lyrical Friday, we thought this song would set the mood for the post. In the end… we are pretty hyped about the final result. So without further adieu…

gold front and rear hubsFront and rear hubs in all that 24K

rear shot with shockRear hub mounted with a 2 pot caliper

mounting the rearNext up is the 12×7 Rucksters wheel dipped in 24K gold

who does this?“It’s on like donkey kong.”

front gold on gold“All gold everything.”

8 hole fronts10×3.5 DAYTONA 8 hole dipped in 24K Gold

8 hole rearRear wheel is nicely secured

help from mr. vipFizz Autosports Ming lending a helping hand to button up the battery box

almost thereAlmost there…

on the groundFinally GDLK is back on two wheels again


Lyrical Friday

For all you homies out there riding this weekend, stay safe and stay dry.
Weather here has been ridiculous!

– LoS

Finally Friday

Friday is back again… time to relax.

Time to get bikes running.

Time to have some fun.

“Don’t forget where you came from…”


Lyrical Friday

The weather in Chicago is all crazy right now, but i dont care. After coming back from Super Sunday, im pumped to start designing new things for the future projects. I can’t wait! btw Standard Functions is in Chicago this weekend! So if you see a 4 lost cali peeps downtown, that might be them. hahaha

Also here is a quick Super Friday Video from Honest Mike aka ScootTV

– LoS out.