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Speedo Endo

I hope everyone had a wonderful memorials day weekend! LOS was busy making sure all the electrical was setup and neatly tucked on the Kaiju. We hooked up the KOSO speedo gauge to give us accurate readings on a daily basis. The functions on this gauge was off the charts everything from clock to cylinder head is included. I wanted something clean and sporty looking so going to with the DB-02R was exactly what I wanted.  Also on top of that we finally received the the custom brake line length for the front caliper, so it was time to bleed the big 6 pot brakes!

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid!

Frando Levers

sneak peek!

Koso DB-02R

beast mode…

los out

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Engine Start

Past weekend was the my deadline to start up the bike and test the custom fuel system that we mocked up with the custom carb. I was pretty stoked that it started on the first try without any issues or hiccups.  Now to just wire up the Koso Gauge and clean up some lines and its should be ready for the unveiling downtown.

Mocked up a BTX exhaust to just run the bike, custom one is coming soon from Standard Function.

Detail Look at the Frando Radial Levers.

RRGS Oil Cooler

Bride Seat finally mounted

Afterburners test light up.

90%  Done….. – los

Frando Radial 6-Pot Ruckus

Here is a little update on what LoS has been upto for the past month. How about 6pot brake system for the Honda Ruckus?!?! Kaiju bike already received its fancy 4 pot rear brakes, why not go bigger in the front. After talking with Frando on helping us pick out the right 6pot system, we jumped on the CAD machine and started drafting out caliper adapter mock up and hub spacer. After a few weeks of measuring and test fitting.

Finally, LoS is proud to release the first radial 6-pot caliper brake system for the honda ruckus.

Frando Radial 6 Pot

Size comparison 4 pot & big brother 6 pot

CAD mockup…

Test fitting the custom caliper adapter we made. Fitment, spot on with millimeters to spare.

Now to mock up with hub spacer

24hr rapid prototype, test fit for fitment.

6pot brake system, done! -los

ps. We didn’t forget those 10″ rollers… sneak peek at the GDLK brake system.

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Midweek teaser

Something that we have been holding on for awhile now is the front brake setup for the Kaiju Bike. Here is a little sample of whats to come…

Check back 4/27 for the full release…..

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While most of LoS is out snowboarding in Colorado, some of us are still holding down the fort in Chicago. After watching some old blu ray discs…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I got a little bored and decided to check out a couple of boxes we got to see if I could make some things happen for the GDLK ruckus.

Inside box #1:

After the finishing the front foot brace, I decided to open up a box that we got late last year. GDLK’s paint scheme was still being decided for this year and well… had to set these parts aside  for a little bit.

Here’s some teaser shots at some pretty rare and “astonish”-ing parts.

So that’s the weekend for the LoS crew… back to taking over the world.