AnotherLevel Show

One of the premier shows for 2012 in Chicago is the AnotherLevel Show. This year it brought over 600+ cars and thousands of spectators! This was also the first time that LOS was debuting  the Kaiju bike and the revamped GDLK bike! We also brought in our buddies white out STI which picked up a lot of attention due to the smooth and clean upgrades. There was a lot of Honda Ruckus and scooters that showed up at the event and we wanted to thank everyone that showed up!

Wide body NSX



Sonny’s GDLK, with the Rat Koubou Bodykit

Ricky’s S4 Beast!

Top Speed GTR Factory always brings in a crowd

Christian’s White STI with custom painted SL

Jakab’s 240SX with a built RB26 motor, drool!

Zima models on the Kaiju

Peter’s Ruckus

Sonny’s GDLK Bike with the JDM kit! So sick!

G’s NSX!

Little B reppin LOS hehe!

LoS Garage winning 1st Place Scooter for the Kaiju and Most Unique for the GDLK!

Thanks everyone for all the support!

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