Growing up, Ive always been inspired by the movie Top Gun, I mean who isn’t? F-14 Jet fighters flying around  shooting down Migs, by Mavrick & Goose! The movie is an instant classic! So after seeing the Koso Afterburner LED, I knew right away it had a place on my bike! Unfortunately, they didn’t make this for Honda Ruckus, so this means custom work to make it fit. I was determined to make this fit. After some tinkering and adjustments the afterburners have finally been installed on a Honda Ruckus! Something different and original! This was actually one of the very first things we did last year for the Kaiju Bike.  Amazing how time flies!

This was one the test bench doing light up testing.

Maverick Supersonic will be there 30 sec flat!

Installed on the GDLK bike 2011 for testing and fitment.

Perfect fitment!

For people wondering how the turn signals looks..

fresh…. from los..

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4 thoughts on “Afterburners

  1. It feels so satisfying to have made something custom and totally original! I honestly love the puzzle piecing and solving of a project like that and those lights look awesome! Now all your fan boys will be coming after you!

    One thing to consider,too, is night pics of you on your bike will def look badd*ss bc it will look like tracers. Do it by taking a long exposure photo of you riding by. You’ll look like a superhero.

    Send me a pic when you do it!

  2. Cool! Your custom work is perfect!
    I have this KOSO’s one, too. so I want to show the backside of seat if you do not mind.

  3. Rob Bryshun says:

    Would you be able to provide info on how you mounted this on the Ruckus and/or sell any type of mounting bracket necessary to make this happen? I LOVE this light and want to put one on my Ruckus!

  4. Ty says:

    Looks so dope, any way you can post the wires or list the wires how they matched up?

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