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Lyrical Friday

Finally another weekend is upon us. Its been a long week and Im glad its the weekend!

TGIF – los


Here is another first one in the USA. This one was custom built for one of our customer, that lucky basterd! This here is the first ever dual stage damper & rebound rear shock from RRGS to fit a Honda Ruckus. Custom built with a Titanium color shaft for the baller detail. Push the envelope to be original!

Check out the dust cover. Like a high end luxury purse your gf has.

Check out the adjustable rebound knob on the external oil tank.

Uncover the dust bag you get this glorious looking suspension. The lower shaft has the damper adjustment.

Finally, check out the details.. I’m in love!

Again los garage is bringing the latest and greatest things to USofA!

Lyrical Friday

Time to enjoy the weekend and get ready for a celebration! Two things to celebrate this weekend, first its Sonny bday! Second congrats to GDLK bike for the  TR: Ride Of The Month award! Back to Back baby!

Check out the GDLK special feature on the Standard Function website! 

Here is a perfect song!

The Game – Celebration

I love the bone thungs sampling, bring me back to the good o’ days. hahaha



Project Ronin

Growing up here in Chicago, there has been a lot of influences in my life. One example growing up was meeting up at a parking lot Friday night and checking out the local car scene. This was back before HIN or any kind of Fast and Furious craze, when import cars was still underground and a limited few knew what a blow off valve sounded like.  There was a few car crews that had the best and hottest cars, but  there is one car crew that stood out the most in Chicago back then, it was a group of guys that had the sickest paint job, bodykit, mods, etc. That team was called Ronin, they pushed the envelope here in Chicago and was a big influence in my life. They brought a cleanest cars and hottest trends.  Which is the reason its only fit to call this project Ronin

Here we go again!

Also,  Automass Rd. 2 is this weekend so dont forget to stop by and say “Hi!” will be with our homies Fizz Autosports. Nothing better than cars, girls, drifting, and food trucks!



Finally it is FRIDAY!

If LOS were to get into the car scene… I think it’d be something like this music video.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay safe and ride slow.