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98 percent

Its been super busy over the month of June. I finally had time to do more work on the Kaiju bike. We actually started building the GDLK bike since all the parts came back from powdercoating. Here is a quick update on what the Kaiju bike looks like. let me know what you guys think? We actually stretched it out a little more to lower the bike and give a meaner stance.

Here is the party side

This one is all business

A few more detail parts and some titanium goodies and its done!

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Just got the color redone on GDLK. We went with a pretty simple black with gold flake theme. Here’s a look at most of the pieces that were done!

close up of the rear frame

This is the basic color scheme through out the bike… black and gold everything! (ok… there will be some silver/aluminum parts here and there)

random accessories

rear frame brace / cvt cover

atr lowered seat frame

close up of the front frame

bottom of the front frame

Too bad most of the front frame will be covered… it turned out really good!

Time to get finished with the rest of the build! GDLK will be joining Kaiju on the streets of Chicago… soon.

– LoS

Lyrical Friday

So its Friday yet again. LoS has been quiet as of late… but we will be finishing up the Kaiju and GDLK bikes as soon as we possibly can.

Maybe even show some GET love if the time is right.

So enjoy the video eye candy and the weekend!

– LoS

Lyrical Friday

TGIF Going OG for the First Of the Month!

We having a wonderful day! -los

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