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RRGS Monday

Our new delivery of RRGS parts are starting to roll in. Check back in a few days as we load up our inventory with different parts of hard goods!

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So it’s Friday… yet again. For today’s random video we have KARA from Korea.

Enjoy it! #tgif

– LoS

Frando Radial 6-Pot Ruckus

Here is a little update on what LoS has been upto for the past month. How about 6pot brake system for the Honda Ruckus?!?! Kaiju bike already received its fancy 4 pot rear brakes, why not go bigger in the front. After talking with Frando on helping us pick out the right 6pot system, we jumped on the CAD machine and started drafting out caliper adapter mock up and hub spacer. After a few weeks of measuring and test fitting.

Finally, LoS is proud to release the first radial 6-pot caliper brake system for the honda ruckus.

Frando Radial 6 Pot

Size comparison 4 pot & big brother 6 pot

CAD mockup…

Test fitting the custom caliper adapter we made. Fitment, spot on with millimeters to spare.

Now to mock up with hub spacer

24hr rapid prototype, test fit for fitment.

6pot brake system, done! -los

ps. We didn’t forget those 10″ rollers… sneak peek at the GDLK brake system.

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Midweek teaser

Something that we have been holding on for awhile now is the front brake setup for the Kaiju Bike. Here is a little sample of whats to come…

Check back 4/27 for the full release…..

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Lyrical Friday

Smooth tunes for the weekend! TGIF everyone!

-los out!

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