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Lyrical Friday


– LoS

Very Fitting

Adding alittle swag on the motor by installing some AN fittings for the Oil Lines. The stock ones are super long and ugly looking so i ditched them for some Earl AN fittings. Take a peep and let me know what you guys think!

preview of whats to come!!!

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Lyrical Friday

Something for everyone!

we gonna take over the world! – while these haters gettin mad.
-los out


Growing up, Ive always been inspired by the movie Top Gun, I mean who isn’t? F-14 Jet fighters flying around  shooting down Migs, by Mavrick & Goose! The movie is an instant classic! So after seeing the Koso Afterburner LED, I knew right away it had a place on my bike! Unfortunately, they didn’t make this for Honda Ruckus, so this means custom work to make it fit. I was determined to make this fit. After some tinkering and adjustments the afterburners have finally been installed on a Honda Ruckus! Something different and original! This was actually one of the very first things we did last year for the Kaiju Bike.  Amazing how time flies!

This was one the test bench doing light up testing.

Maverick Supersonic will be there 30 sec flat!

Installed on the GDLK bike 2011 for testing and fitment.

Perfect fitment!

For people wondering how the turn signals looks..

fresh…. from los..

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The time has finally come where 2 things become one. After all the preparation and adjustments it was time to mount the engine where it belongs, but before the mount it was a perfect day for spraying the engine down with gloss black paint. Its finally coming together, but still feels like a long road ahead. I can’t wait to start releasing some of our new design in the coming weeks, until then check out the pics and the bonus video!!!

Prepping the motor to get painted jet black.

After three coats its finally ready.

Frame Prepped for the engine install.

ATR Fatty Engine Mount, ATR Low Stance Rear Shock.

Test wheel mounted

The video…..

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