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Lighting Up Chicago

Solid State Lighting is the future in the lighting industry. From small space consumer lighting to automotive, LEDs are being used as filament bulb replacement. Which is why we took the path of using high power LEDs for driving lamp. The real question was did anyone make a driving lamp powerful enough to light up the road? The answer is, yes! How much is enough light output? How about 3200 Lumens.

Since RI just released this driving light into the market, they didn’t sell mounting brackets for any vehicle, specially for a scooter. Time to hit drawing board and start mocking up stuff in CAD. After a few test, here is the final outcome!

Here a picture of the LED Driving lamp mounted on our LoS GDLK bike. Another LoS original, first to ever rock the RI LED head lamp! (8/11)


Hit us up if your looking for the brightest headlamp in the market!

Have a safe and Happy New Years everyone! – LoS

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Happy Holiday!

Twas the night before Christmas, and look whats under the tree!

Awesome gift from Seansean! Check out the slick hoodie with maggie.

Close up of the Fatlace Camera Strap from NY.

How about the best lowered seat frame in the market! ATR lowered seat frame from Sonny.

Finally, installed the Bride seat cover…

I hope everyone has a wonderful safe holiday! From the LoS crew.. Happy Holiday!

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Lyrical Friday

#ballsohard #tgif – LoS

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Spot Weld

Back at it again! Update on the Tuckin’: It was time to weld the bung and drill out the front frame.

The frames are now done & ready for bondo and paint.  I can’t wait till its fresh out of the oven with its new color.

Also, its finally getting really cold here in Chicago, but thats not going to stop any progress on the bike!

Happy Holidays everyone! -LoS

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Here something fresh for all you Dubstep people!

Happy Holidays! -LoS

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