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Black Friday

As much as I wanted to sleep in today, I’m glad I didn’t. I had already hit up Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, and Frys from Thursday night till Friday morning… words could not explain how tired I felt. (not to mention just getting back from Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan on Wednesday)

As expected, my short nap turned into more of a long nap. I didn’t wake up in time to meet up with everyone at the Wrigley Field McDonald’s but lucky for me they came down to chinatown.

close ups – any time a group of ruckus come together a crowd is sure to form

gdlk rocking a GY6 header with oxygen sensor & air fuel ratio gauge

rolling DEEP all the way to Niles, IL

Great way to spend Black Friday afternoon… other than sleeping.


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Here a good one to set the mood. From the soundtrack of “Art of Flight”,  btw amazing movie!

Happy Friday everyone!


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The Breakdown

We finally started taking apart the red ruckus.  The plan is the strip it naked and prep for ATR wire tuck.

GET motor removed and test fitting the new wheels, lol jk.

Rear frame has been removed and step one begins: weight reduction.

The outcome:

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LoS in Translation

While most of LoS was in North America, I am spending some time in Hong Kong with some friends and family. Got a chance to hit up Macau this weekend for some food, gambling, and things with 2 and 4 wheels!

just some random scooters

everyone mostly rode yamahas or something that looked like this

as i was walking down the hills, i noticed something that looked oddly familiar…

first/only zoomer i’ve seen so far

under seat storage cover + clear tail lights

everytime i’ve been to macau i’ve seen some interesting vehicles

this mini was no exception

it’s not too hard to see…

scooters rule macau

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Weekend Outtakes

So the LoS crew decided to do some tuning over the weekend in preparation for next season.

Modified a throttle cable to install a 90 degree bend on the top of the carburetor.

the final product

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